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This project has been mostly gathering dust since 2014/2015 but I've done too much work on it and it's too fun to not share. Made using assets found online ripped from the HP games. Just polished a bit and uploading it so I can call it a day on this one. If I were to work on it properly again I'd have to start from scratch really.

Tested on Vive. Should work fine without VR with mouse+keyboard+voice.

Supported spells:

AlohamoraOpens chest (animation trigger)
Colloportus   Close chest (animation trigger)
Avada KedavraKills Malfoy
Evanesco   Vanishes objects
Finitestops magical effects (in this demo, extinguishes fire and revives Malfoy after death - sorry no stun or Rennervate)
Incendio Starts fires
Lumos        Wand light on
Nox       Wand light off
Reducio       Makes objects smaller
Engorgio   Makes objects bigger
Geminio       Duplicates objects
Levicorpus   Dangles Malfoy by ankle (finite to release - sorry no Liberacorpus)


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Do you plan on making this available to quest user?

Sorry no, the voice recognition library relies on a Windows command line application and a DLL so isn't compatible with other platforms.

Would it work with the quest of I used a computer and used steam vr

I think there's a good chance of it working. Not sure how the Quest mic works with the PC link, you might have to change some settings to get it to work: https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/664945-oculus-quest-2-link-cable-mic-not-w...

Fun trailer 😂

This game was actually really neat! I am glad you decided to release it instead of scrapping it! Great work!

Thanks for this, it's exactly why I made it! I never realised you could set Malfoy on fire multiple times xD

Thank you for making it! Haha yeah I was just experimenting! What got me was his hair changing colors lol